Easter Weekend!!!

I’m very very excited about this years Easter weekend. The whole family is coming to visit us in Kuruman. Old friends and family drinking wine, eating”braaivleis” and just sitting around the fire and enjoying each others company. How blessed we are to still have loved ones to care for! I hope everybody have a blessed Easter where ever you are….SWAERSSKOONIES

I just Love living in SA

Recently my father in law bought them some zebra’s….they are still very young and easy to tame so with some luck and a little bit of effort we wish to one day let them eat apples out of our hands…(hold thumbs) But the stripes let me think of something…each zebra is unique there are not two zebra’s walking this earth with the same stripe pattern…How amazing is our God to create a creature with its own identity. It counts for me and you to you know? You are Unique doesn’t matter what everybody else think our say…. Go out there be the Zebra in the crowd!!! BE UNIQUE BE YOU!!!